Individual Session

Golf Well Individual Session

Peter Szymanski, PT, CFMT, TPI M2  

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Level 2 Golf Medical Professional

When: As requested

Location: LoHi Physical Therapy

90 Minute Initial Session: $100

60 Minute Follow-Up Session: $75

90 Minute Initial Session Includes:

  • TPI Screening.
  • Corrective exercises specifically designed to address the problems that we find in the screening.

6o Minute Follow-Up Sessions Include:

  • Video swing analysis to correlate your swing characteristics with findings from your screening.
  • Review of your program.
  • Modification or upgrade of your program.
  • Manual therapy treatment to address your soft tissue and joint dysfunctions more specifically as needed.
  • Repeat screenings to assess your progress.

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If you have an injury or pain that requires physical therapy treatment, we may be able to bill your insurance.