Golf Well

Improve your golf game, and prevent injury by working with Peter Szymanski, PT, CFMT, certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 2 Golf Medical Professional.


11 of the last 16 Major Champions, 22 of the Top 35 Players in the World and 56 of the last 85 PGA Tour event winners were advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

The problem with golf lessons

Most golfers have mobility restrictions, as well as strength and stability deficits. Your golf professional may try to get you to make changes in your golf swing. The problem is; Your body can’t do it! Most golfers have problems with mobility/flexibility, stability, strength, endurance and balance which make it difficult or impossible to do the movement patterns that the pro wants you to do.

TPI Screening

The TPI Screening is designed to identify these issues. The screening includes 16 movement tests for mobility/flexibility, stability, strength and balance. PGA tour pros generally have fewer of these physical limitations than  amateur golfers. For example, 60% of PGA tour pros can maintain balance on one leg with their eyes closed for at least 10 seconds, only 38% of amateurs can do so.

Swing Characteristics

TPI identifies a set of swing characteristics. These are typically known as “swing faults”, but many great players show some of these characteristics. The swing patterns are usually related to the issues identified in the screening. For instance a golfer who shows limited right hip mobility is likely to sway away from the target in his/her back swing.  We can coordinate with a golf pro


Injuries are usually caused by these physical imbalances and swing characteristics. For example, a golfer who shows a reverse spine angle in his/her swing is more likely to develop back pain.  Along with skilled manual therapy, as a Golf Medical Professional, Peter can collaborate with a golf professional or swing coach to make the right changes in the swing to improve or prevent injury.