Our Practice

LoHi Physical Therapy's History

Peter Szymanski and Karen Voss started what is currently known as LoHi Physical Therapy  in 2005.  Our original company name, Catalyst Therapies, LLC, is still used today as our primary business name that many of you may recognize.

When we began our journey, we had each worked for years in large, busy therapy clinics.  We wanted to create a more personal setting for our clients. We feel we have done that and are able to give them more individual attention and time.

We moved to the Lower Highlands neighborhood in 2007 and in 2012 added our current name, LoHi Physical Therapy. We relocated to our new home in the Sloan’s Lake area in April of 2017 and look forward to providing services in the area for years to come.  We continue to be conveniently located in the central Denver area.


Our Philosophy

Catalyst Therapies, LLC now dba LoHi Physical Therapy continues to place an emphasis on identifying your needs and providing you the tools for you to be able to optimize your function and reduce pain and injury. You will notice the difference in our physical therapy services, occupational therapy and hand therapy specialty services.

We ask a lot of ourselves and of our bodies. You don’t have to live with pain or compromise function due to pain.



Affordable, direct access to physical therapy and occupational therapy, comprehensive services, professional knowledge and clinical wisdom in addressing neuro-muscular-skeletal problems.


  • Individuality and Flexibility
  • Professionalism and Honesty
  • The Ability to Integrate Theory with Cutting Edge Treatment
  • A Stand for Each Individual’s Potential to Achieve His or Her Optimal Performance
  • A Focus on Prevention of Injury & Wellness Services

Our practitioners have a strong base of expertise to go with clinical wisdom gained over years of practicing in the Denver area. 

If you are looking for a physical therapist or occupational/hand therapist in Denver...