About Running Well®

Why run hard when you can Run Well?  Running Well® training is designed to improve your strength, coordination and flexibility.   We help you meet your goals and cross the finish line with the desire to run again!

How is Running Well® different from other running programs?

  1. Running Well® involves the whole body. Our training focuses on getting all segments of your body working together synergistically for efficient running. This program teaches you the mechanics of alignment to coordinate the hips, trunk and shoulders so the muscles are in position to do their job. What does this mean for you? Your muscles will gain efficient timing and sequence within their full range of motion. When even one segment is out of alignment, another segment will shift out of alignment resulting in compromised efficiency, muscle strain and joint pain.
  2. The Running Well® program is about helping you reach your optimal performance.  You”ll receive individual attention from experts with over 25 years of experience.  Karen and Peter started Running Well® in 2003.  They developed the program based on the research and their combined knowledge background in neurological rehabilitation, development, orthopedics, study of movement and treatment of movement patterns within the field of physical and occupational therapy. Aside from their professional side, both have extensive experience in running including ultras and the marathon distances.  They know what it takes to help you reach your running goals safely and effectively!
  3. Running drills have been specifically designed to help you build strength, speed variation and power conditioning.  You’ll receive a copy of your before and after videos, an electronic manual and an electronic copy of the drills and exercises so you can continue to improve your performance beyond your program.
  4. Our unique program design is built to take you to the next level at each session.  From core drills to trunk training and plyometrics, you will complete the program with all the training you need to reach your goals. We will track your progress every step of the way, providing you with the tools and individual attention you deserve.
  5. Running Well® will teach you how to easily incorporate the 5 key components of running that are essential for proper form and injury prevention.

Five Key Components of Running:

  • Minimize the work load on the quadriceps, hamstrings and lower leg muscles by using the powerful deep hip flexors.
  • Activate strong core muscles with counter-rotation
  • Prevent over striding and bouncing in “out of aligned directions”.  Gain a run pattern that involves fluid motion.
  • Run efficiently and effectively coordinating the upper and lower body.
  • Run with proper alignment and less stiffness.