3 Session Program

3 Session Running Well® Program

Session 1: Includes video analysis, education regarding efficient running mechanics and beginning core drills.

Session 2: Continues to address your specific movement retraining needs and builds on your progress from session 1.

Session 3: We repeat your video analysis to see and track your changes and provide you with additional ways to address your issues as you move forward in your transition to better running efficiency.  We strive to send you on your way with tools you can use.  You can always return for sessions 4,5,6.  See the 6 week program for information of the complete Running Well® program.  We offer a 10% discount off the 3 session package for those who choose to return  for sessions 4, 5, 6.

What's included?

  • A copy of your before and after recorded videos.
  • An electronic manual and an electronic copy of the drills and exercises specific to your 3 sessions.
  • Highly trained therapists and flexible individual scheduling to meet your needs.

Cost of Individual (Schedule as you like) 3 Session Running Well® Program: $180.00

Interested in signing up for the Running Well® 3 Session Program?